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Having extensively used iPoint in our own online gambling experiences, we can tell you that this is a widely underrated, if not relatively unavailable deposit method. While not many gambling sites have incorporated iPoint, it is available through some of the older casinos primarily, while a few sportsbooksand poker rooms also use it. This is a prepaid service that will allow you to make payments as easy as possible, all without having to worry about the complications stemming from credit cards and similar options. We prefer iPoint where applicable, as they have simplified deposits by working as an intermediary for the use of credit cards.

Top iPoint Casino

Cherry Red Casino

How IPoint Works

One of the first things we looked at with iPoint is the overall availability of this deposit method. Where a deposit method can be used is one of the first things that should ever be looked at, as there is no point in researching a product or service that you have no use for - that would be like researching a special lighter if you do not smoke. The iPoint service is open to people all over the world, so you will never be turned away just based on location. You will need a few key pieces of information if you are going to sign up, and these are also dependent on where you live. We promise that your payments will be easy, so you will not have to go through too much trouble in order to start using the service. For this we give them five stars, as an open service is required for success and efficiency.

Signing Up For IPoint

The sign up process for iPoint is also fairly easy. You will have to visit their website, i-point.bz, in order to initiate the process. You will need much the same information that you needed in order to open your casino account, but also a few other pieces of information. When you begin to open your account, you will have to have a valid social security number or government ID number in order to open the account in question. You also have to provide a valid phone number, and tell them whether or not this phone can receive SMS or text messages. This is an added layer of security, so it is vitally important that you use this method. You also have to set up your credit card, which is what you will ultimately use to make payments into the account. Once all is said and done you will be well on your way to making deposits, as the account will then be opened and activated.

How To Use Ipoint

Unfortunately, iPoint is one of the more confusing deposit methods to use. Using iPoint is totally dependent on your cellphone, as this service is typically used for funding mobile phone airtime. The way this service works has also made it possible for payments to be made through it, which is one of the major advantages of this method. Since it is not a credit card or e-wallet, it is not subject to modern banking restrictions related to online gambling. In using this method you will simply be purchasing air time PINs, which will be texted to your mobile devices. Your payment will then be transferable into your gambling site's cashier, regardless of what it might be - provided they accept iPoint.

ipoint online gambling

Like most deposit methods, iPoint is not exclusive to one form of gambling. We have found that there are iPoint casinos primarily, but also iPoint sportsbooks. The ability to play poker with iPoint is also out there, but not very frequently. The casinos were the first sets of sites we had looked into, and these provided us with great fun and high winnings. We then found the iPoint sportsbooks to be fairly profitable, and these were easy to use considering the simplicity of iPoint. No matter what type of gambling you ultimately chase after, you should be able to find at least one site that offers it along with iPoint.

Top iPoint online casinos

There are hundreds of online casinos out there, but only a slim number of them accept iPoint. If you want to deposit with this method, know that there are plenty of sites that offer this method. We have highlighted the best of these, as we do not play with second rate sites. We have found that iPoint is readily available primarily through RTG casinos, but there are many others that allow users to participate. We have a heavy emphasis on the RTG casinos due to the fact that they serve up a large number of games and some of the highest paying slots on the market.

Cherry Red Casino is one of the most profitable casinos online, and they provide their users with the ability to deposit using iPoint. Those who have an iPoint account will be able to participate in over 100 games, all with the RTG software powering this casino. They have an impressive set of bonuses, which includes a 100% match to $777, which can be distributed ten different times. They have progressive jackpots, every single table game found in a live casino, and some of the fastest withdrawals of any deposit method. Cherry Red is one of the most trusted casinos on the market, and we recommend it to any user looking for a new gaming center. Visit Cherry Red Casino

Logo iPoint casinos Slots Bonuses USA Players? Visit
Cherry Red Casino 400% up to $2,400 VISIT
Slots Oasis Casino 400% up to $4,000 VISIT
Rushmore Casino 400% up to $2,000 VISIT
Top iPoint online Sportsbooks

Sports betting on the Internet may have previously been difficult to fund, but the addition of iPoint into their services has made this a problem of the past. The iPoint deposit method can be used without ever faltering, as this prepaid voucher is not subject to bank restrictions that credit cards and e-wallets have to contend with. If you happen to use iPoint as your deposit method, the enormous and profitable world of sports betting is open to you.

Note: None of the sportsbooks below are still accepting iPoint. They have since switched to other deposit methods that work just like iPoint. Currently, there are no sportsbooks that actually accept iPoint sports betting deposits.

DSI is one of the primary sportsbooks that is open to players who turn to iPoint as their deposit method. Diamond Sportsbook is readily available to offer you some of the best odds, highest payouts, fastest payouts and more. If you turn to DSI in conjunction with iPoint you will be able to receive a 20% match bonus which is good for up to $500 in free cash. Diamond Sportsbook has decided to give their users some of the lowest juice online, and you can always count on them to offer their odds before many other sportsbooks. Visit DSI Online Sportsbook

Logo ipoint Sportsbooks Bonuses USA Players? Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 20% up to $100 VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% up to $900 VISIT
Intertops Sportsbook 25% up to $100 VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% up to $200 VISIT
DSI Sportsbook 20% up to $500 VISIT
Top iPoint online Poker ROoms

Online poker has yet to begin utilizing the iPoint deposit option. If you are going to play online poker, you will have to find an alternative method. We recommend that you give e-checks a shot, as these are some of the more secure deposits with higher rates of success, especially when compared with credit cards. When we find a poker room that uses iPoint, we will add it into our iPoint review in order to show you exactly where you can play this game.

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